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l o c a l b e e k e e p e r s , f a r m e r s & m a k e r s

everyday pantry essentials crafted by local beekeepers, farmers and makers

amble pantry was built on an unwavering love and appreciation for our magnificent country – the mountains, the oceans, the people and most of all the food. we value honest, simple ingredients and we know it becomes increasingly important to have access to honest food, therefore our small range of fine pantry staples are kept untouched and pure.

our world-class produce from local farms fulfills our search for pure, real pantry staples that add richness to food. the packaging supplements the quality of the products inside, and we keep it simple to let the products integrate into your pantry seamlessly.

honey from the Cederberg Mountains, rooibos tea from the West Coast, olive oil from the Klein Karoo and dukkah made from an age old recipe by a Capetonian foodie. a feast for the senses and can't-live-without pantry staples

our essence lies in local countryside-goodness

local beekeepers, farmers and makers

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